Chinese Decorations for Your House

Jun 7th

Chinese decorations are so wide and well-known through entire world. Everyone can easily guess the decoration of the Chinese by looking at them. Most of them are in bright red and gold color. They are figure the power of animals and the Yin Yang. The famous animals in Chinese tradition are the dragon, the lion, the rooster, and other animals that are in the Chinese’s shio. The decorations are comes in many types, size and shapes. The decorations are not only for the festivals, but there are some things that describe the Chinese itself. For example the sketch of Mandarin’s words, the Great Wall of Chinese, painting of Kung Fu motion, etc.

chinese wedding decorations
chinese wedding decorations

Materials of Chinese decoration

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The decoration are comes with many option of base material such as wood, crystal, brass, pottery, porcelain and many more. The porcelain decoration is made with a high techniques sculpture by the expert of Chinese sculpture. Not everyone can make the antique vases or other decorations made from porcelain. The models on the vases, ceramics, or else are usually the dragons to represent the strength and long life, or the lions that represent the guardian. It is available in many other models for you to choose. The wooden decorations will add the nature looks in your home. The crystal decorations are perfect to put in your glass shelves.

The decorations of Chinese tradition

The Chinese tradition is very thick with the tradition to honor the ancestor. That is why there are a lot of decorations are been made to respect the ancestor and to remember them. Like the incense with the pottery pot, the lampions, the ashes vases, and else. You can add the lampions to replace the ordinary lamps. For the chair you can buy the Chinese seat covers. You are free to widen your creativity using the red and gold color.

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