Nilo Table Design

Jun 6th

Nilo table is great table for children under 7-year old. This table is pretty functional since it can be served for any purposes. This table is commonly used for kids to play Lego or other interlocking toy. The kids then use this table as the land of construction of certain object using that toy. Since they play on the table, the parts will not be spread on the floor thus hurting people who step on them. The distinctive feature of this table is a few centimeters of raising edge as railing to keep the toys from slipping to the floor.

nilo train lego table
nilo train lego table

Standard Nilo Table design

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The standard design of this table is about 50-70cm high which is just enough for kids to play with their toys while sitting on the floor. The width is at least 1 meter square which is adequate to store a set of toys and construct some objects on it.

Nilo Innovation

Since standard design only has legs and tabletop, there is no other place to store the toys except on the tabletop. The new design has cabinets which can serve as toys storage. Since it will take foot space below the table, the storage will be installed only in one part of certain edge.

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