Pineapple Decor for Home Interior

Jun 9th

Pineapple decor is another idea to turns your home from dab to fab. Nowadays, the trends for home interior prone to something like tropical theme. In the point of fact, pineapple is not the only thing to use to ornate the tropical theme that you splash inside your home. Integrate pineapple with other tropical flavor like palm tree, coconut, and so on are also worth considering. You don’t need to decorate your home entirely with pineapple, choose one room or perhaps two if it is what you want. Nevertheless, kitchen, living room, and bedroom are common places where homeowners usually decor their home with pineapple.

pineapple wall decor
pineapple wall decor

How to Style with Pineapple Decor

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The very first consideration when you want to style a room with pineapple, choose first in which room you to put pineapple decoration. Next, it is pivotal also to examine where will you add pineapple essentials. You want it on your wall, table centerpiece, throw pillow, and etc. Think also about pineapple pattern that you put to your room like small size pineapple pattern or the one with huge size. Its color is also another thing to do not be ignored. Yellow and green are two common colors for pineapple, but it is not limited there.

Pineapple Decoration for Bedroom

Say that you pick bedroom for pineapple decoration. Depending on the size of your bedroom, if you want to draw pineapple onto your wall, you can put pineapple print over white wall. Another way, consider decorative wall clock that mimic pineapple. A vase with pineapple prints you can also use it to decorate the open shelves that you hang on your bedroom wall. Faux pineapple made of bronze or silver, you can treat it as bedroom accessories. Throw pillow for bedding with pineapple on it, either small or big, are another decoration option to ornate your pineapple bedroom decoration.