Pirate Decorations for Kid’s Birthday Party

Jul 1st

Pirate decorations start becoming the most favorable thing when it comes to the kids’ birthday party. Probably because of the fame of the movie Pirates of the Caribbean, or simply the cartoon series Spongebob Squarepants, kids love all pirate thingy because they look fun. You may have more reference regarding to pirate-themed decoration, and thus you can right away apply for the later occasions. Below is our simple list about what you can do with the pirate décor.

pirate wall decor
pirate wall decor

Pirate Decorations for the Party Start-Up

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The party won’t begin if you haven’t invited anyone. Since the core decorations will be about pirate, why don’t you try making the invitation to be like a pirate? It is by sending the invitation with message-in-a-bottle model. Small plastic bottles with handy screws that you can purchase from online store are enough to contain your scrolled letter. Don’t forget to put some wordings to express more the unique party concept, such as “Captain [inserts name] invites you to the birthday party…” “Ahoy!” “Aye, Captain!” “Find the treasure”. Surprisingly, there are perfumes of ocean aroma that you can buy then spray to the paper.

Welcoming the Guests with Pirate Décor

When they stepped in to the room, give them pirate accessories such as eye patch to strengthen the feel of being in a real pirate party décor. When it’s about the food and beverages, you can still uphold to the pirate party, too, by providing the drinks in tropical dressings and the dishes shaped similar to the shark, octopus or the ship. For the wall treatment, the decorations may involve swags or sandy-colored fabrics to hang with burlap, fish net and sheer brown voile or chiffon. Finally, a flag with the picture of your kid on it is going to be impressive for their pirate birthday party.